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European Double Girder Overhead Crane

European Double Girder Overhead Crane

Concerned on meeting customers’ material handling requirements, DQCRANES is always focusing on quality and product innovation to provide you good quality, safe and reliable material handling equipment to realize our goal that to lift you up easily and create more values for customer in long run. European style double girder overhead crane is one successful innovation for us to step that goal.Y94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

European double girder overhead crane introduction

European double girder overhead crane is the latest version of overhead crane, designed with FEM standards, developed on the base of traditional crane, therefore, European double girder overhead crane has unbeatable advantages, such as, unparalleled performance, tight structure, light dead weight, high safety and reliability, high perform efficiency, and widely applications for various industries.Y94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Due to the design advantages, European double girder overhead crane could help you to lower initial investment for factory construction, increase productivity, and lower efforts for daily maintenance, and reduce energy consumption, and obtain higher return on investment.Y94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

NLH overhead craneY94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

The European double girder overhead crane has the lifting capacity of 5 t to 80 ton and the working class is A5 and A6, and the main parameters are as follow for your reference and customized crane are available from DQCRANES.Y94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Product Type NLH
Lifting Capacity 5~80t
Span Length  ≥m
Working Class A5, A6
Ambient Temperature -20~40℃

Features of European double girder overhead crane

With the design concept of cutting down customer’s loss caused by crane problems and downtime, DQCRANES has developed the European double girder overhead crane with the main features as follow:Y94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

1. Advanced technology and reliable performance.

As a leading pioneer in material handling equipment development, DQCRANES can innovate advanced lifting equipment based on advanced technology and valuable manufacturing experiences of the industries. After countless tests and improvement, new products will be developed and launched and the quality and safety of which can be guaranteed. The European double girder overhead crane is aimed to help customers increase productivity and lower maintenance cost, extend working life and maximize investment return.Y94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

NLH overhead craneY94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

2. Tight structure and modular design to optimize your investment

Due to the features of tight structure, light dead weight, low wheel pressure, and even load distribution and others, European double girder overhead crane can reduce to a large extend the building construction cost and heating cost, and make the maintenance easier. Comparing with traditional overhead crane, the European overhead crane allows for 10% to 15% decrease in its dimension varying with the weights of the loads. The heavier the loads is, the more decrease European crane allows in dimension, and the more it will save on investment and the higher of the investment return will be.Y94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

NLH overhead craneY94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

3. Green concept dominates innovations for saving space and energy

The tight crane structure maximizes the usability of the working space.Y94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

The durability of the crane parts and crane free you from frequent maintenance.Y94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Light dead weight and lower wheel pressure leads to lower energy consumption.Y94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

4. High safety and reliability, convenient to maintenance.

The quality of European double girder overhead crane is guaranteed by the advanced technology, advanced processing equipment and strict quality control measures and inspections, which ensures high safety of the crane. The designing concept of Maintenance Free and Easy Maintenance endows the material handling equipment with competitive edge over others and at same time make them easy to be repaired and operated.Y94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

5. Customized configurations and wide selections

European style double girder overhead cranes can be provided with customized configurations, with the lifting capacity ranging from 5 - 80 tons. Turning over hoist, anti-sway device, automatic positioning device, winch servicing and monitoring device, or remote diagnostic tools can be customized. DQCRANES also can provides personalized and professional solutions to clients with our advanced techniques and experiences.Y94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

European crane components and features 

European crane is one new concept which is formed in the recent couple of years. European crane mainly include European overhead cranes , European gantry cranes , European jib cranes and KBK cranes etc.Y94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd
European crane possess the advantages such as the light dead weight, compact structure, how noise, low energy consumption and smoothly traveling etc. Compare to the traditional crane, the limit distance from the hook to the wall is more smallest and the clearances height is lowest also, which actually increases the effective working space of the existing plant; Due to the light dead weight and small wheel pressure characteristics, the new plant space can be designed to be smaller, more complete function. The smaller plant means that the initial construction investment, as well as long-term heating, air conditioning and other maintenance costs can save a considerable amount of money.Y94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

European Crane Main Girder

The main girder use the square box H-shaped steel structure design and weight is more heavier than the traditional crane; The main welding line shall be taken by the Non-destructive testing; Steel plate will reach the Sa2.5 level standardization by the shot blasting pretreatment; There will be platform, handrail and ladder installed along the main girder for maintenance purpose.Y94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

European crane : crane componentsY94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

European Crane End Carriages

The end carriages is welded or shaped by rectangular steel pipe or steel plate. The end carriages will be machined to meet the allowable deviation range and ensure the dimensional accuracy and coordination tolerance in CNC machine after the molding; Each end carriages is equipped with the double flange wheels, buffers and derailment protection devices; The main girder and the end end carriages are connected with the high strength bolts to ensure the accuracy and smooth running of the whole machine.Y94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

European crane  components: end carriage Y94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

European Crane Wheel Block

  • Wheel block material: nodular cast iron (High strength cast iron material)
  • Wheel block box: inblock casting
  • Bearing: Deep groove ball bearing
  • Very durable, without regular maintenance,
  • Bearing friction coefficient is small, high speed limit,
  • Simple structure, low manufacturing cost,
  • Easy to achieve high manufacturing accuracy

European crane compoent: crane wheel blocksY94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

European Crane Hoist(Trolley)

  • European hoist max lifting capacity can be 20tons and European hoist trolley max lifting capacity can be 80tons
  • High efficiency and maximized use of the warehouse space
  • Precise positioning, efficient operation, enhanced logistics efficiency
  • Safety and reliability, operation monitoring, easy maintenance
  • Modular design, low maintenance cost, perfect after sales service
  • Safety monitor-Intelligent monitoring system, safe and practical, human friendly
  • Motor-Aluminum shell, high performance motor with disc brakes and free maintenance design
  • Rope guide-Made of engineering plastic, light weight, excellent wear resistance,
  • Four stage screw type limit control hook on the upper and lower limit and he sequence operation and phase sequence control

European crane compoent: crane hoist trolley

European Crane Open Winch Trolley

  • European open winch trolley max lifting capacity can be 320tons
  • Compact design provide a better bang for the bulk solution for crane industry
  • Serial production provides flexibility. Its ergonomic features increase user’s comfort
  • Low head room to optimize the working area, reduce construction cost greatly
  • With dependable quality, lower maintenance cost, extent crane use life, and increase return on the investment, thereby creating more value for customers
  • Full set of safety control system to ensure safe and reliable use; Using the whole frequency of the debugging method, brake smoothly, smaller impact inertia;
  • Intelligent monitoring, electronic anti-swing, three-dimensional positioning, remote monitoring function requirements which can ensure the equipment good work performance and monitoring & maintenance.

European crane compoent: crane winch trolleyY94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

European Crane Radio Remote control

Ergonomic design, push button patent technology, comfortable feel and clear step; High speed CPU, corresponding time≤ 20ms; Secondary packing adhesive technology ensures shatter and falling down resistance; Automatically shutdown when being impacted and three-level safety guarantee; It is accurate to 0.1 seconds of data records. Y94Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Crane services of DQCRANES

DQCRANES can provide overall services for all types of industries cranes, and the main services are as follow:

crane design Crane project design
Cranes designed by DQCRANES will solve any of your crane problems and material handling problems without spending any unnecessary expenditures.
crane installation Crane Installation
EASAY installation, wonderful working performance. DQCRANES can provide on-site crane installation services and our crane engineers will be at your services when necessary.
lifetime maintenance Lifetime Maintenance
Crane maintenance from DQCRANES ensures your safety and working efficiency.
crane operator training Crane operator Training
DQCRANES training includes crane operation, maintenance and inspection, and crane spare parts, etc.
technical support Technical support
The powerful technical support of DQCRANES will solve your crane technical problems.
crane parts Crane parts
DQCRANES parts will renew your cranes.
European Double Girder Overhead Crane