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DQCRANES Training Service

In order to qualify your staff, improve safety and crane working efficiency, and lower maintenance cost and production cost in a long run, DQCRANES provides a wide range of training programs to meet your needs. Our training service covers safe operation, daily inspection and load handling safety and related standards and regulations, etc., which will be conducted by DQCRANES’ experts, specialists, professionals and consultants.NZtHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

DQCRANESNZtHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Benefits of DQCRANES Training

  • Improve safety
  • Quality your staff and improve confidence
  • Improve productivity
  • Get your skills and knowledge upgraded
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Crane accidents prevention
  • Lower crane safety risks

Who would attended

Safety is the top concern of DQCRANES. Our training is designed for your crane operators for overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane and electric hoist crane  who is in charge of daily operation and safe performance of cranes, and service staff, the supervisory personnel. And also the training is also suitable for newcomers, seasonal worker or for refresher training.NZtHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

DQCRANES trains the participant the working knowledge to reduce operator errors to prevent crane accidents and unnecessary downtime. Crane accidents result in injuries to operators and workers on the working site and even the nearby people.70 % of crane incidents could be prevented according to the findings of OSHA’S by proper training. DQCRANES training service can help you to prevent the accidents and lower the unnecessary breakdown time and improve your safety and crane performance efficiency.NZtHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Training items

  • Crane safety: Safety will be always emphasized in every stage of the training to enable all the trainees have the ability to operate the crane in the safest manor.
  • Risk Assessment- Risks assessment during crane operation will be taught.
  • Lifting Regulations-The Regulations will be learnt to ensure your employees are up to date with the latest "Do's and Don’ts” of the Lifting Industry.
  • Crane Operation- In this part, you will lean the functions of major crane components and assemblies, rigging procedures to attach the load to the hook, precise spotting and lifting of loads , tips on minimize load swinging, and how to operate various cranes and the emergency stop procedures, etc.
  • Crane operator training: Qualifications and responsibilities of a crane operator, frequently used hand signals.
  • Lifting Equipment / Tackle- Trainees will learn how to lift loads by using different under hook equipment. Site Conditions- Working environment will be important to the safe operation of crane. The crane operator will learn how to assess the working conditions.
  • Inspection- Equipment inspection before operation and defects detect will be learnt by your employees.
  • Maintenance- Light maintenance to your crane is necessary, which should be carried out by your operator. We will teach your crane operator when and how to do the maintenance.
  • Records & Certification- Learn to assess the crane conditions through crane inspection and service records to make sure the crane you operate is in good conditions.

Crane services offering of Dongqi Hoist and Crane

Dongqi Hoist and Crane offers types of cranes, including overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane, electric hoist, and winch, etc. And relatively, Dongqi offers complete crane services from crane design to crane installation and maintenance. Please contact us if you need any hoist or crane services.NZtHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

  • Crane project design: Cranes designed by Dongqi Hoist and Crane will solve any of your crane problems and material handling problems without spending any unnecessary expenditures.
  • Crane Installation: EASAY installation, wonderful working performance. Dongqi Hoist and Crane can provide on-site crane installation services and our crane engineers will be at your services when necessary.
  • Lifetime Maintenance: Crane maintenance from Dongqi Hoist and Crane ensures your safety and working efficiency
  • .Crane operator Training : Dongqi Hoist and Crane training includes crane operation, maintenance and inspection, and crane spare parts, etc.
  • Technical support : The powerful technical support of Dongqi Hoist and Crane will solve your crane technical problems.
  • Crane parts :Dongqi Hoist and Crane parts will renew your cranes