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Ceiling mounted crane: Up to 20 ton ceiling mounted crane for sale good price

06 Jan, 2017

Ceiling mounted crane for sale. Up to 20 ton ceiling mounted crane is for sale good price. Contact to get your custom ceiling mounted crane. Dongqi ceiling mounted crane is here for your light material handling.0S5Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Workstation ceiling mounted crane

Dongqi ceiling mounted crane workstation craneprovide ergonomic movement and flexibility.With ceiling mounted crane systems, supporting steel does not interfere with the handling operation. Ceiling mounted crane work stations require a building with an adequate overhead structure to hang the crane.Overhead ceiling mounted crane are available in a variety of capacities up to suit light to heavy duty lifting.0S5Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Dongqi specializes in ceiling mounted overhead crane solutions, and has earned a reputation for highest quality overhead crane systems with the highest performance. AEC offers a full line of Dongqi’s bridge cranes and monorails.0S5Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Ceiling mouted monorail crane0S5Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Ceiling mounted crane features0S5Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

  •  Ceiling mounted crane is ideal when the floor space is limited or when the work area must be clear from any support structures which may interfere with operations. However, the ceiling mounted crane requires the building has an adequate overhead structure to support the ceiling mounted crane.
  • Easy to install, relocate and improve the working efficiency of your workshop.
  • Enclosed tack design makes the floor mounted crane move much easier than traditional bridge cranes.
  • Trussed steel track design makes longer span possible which provides more flexibility in layout.
  • Aluminum track lowers bridge weight, making movement easier.

European ceiling mounted crane

FEM ceiling mounted crane0S5Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

European ceiling mounted crane is a light duty material handling overhead crane which can be installed on the roof of the workplace without bracket, saving space and lowering cost. The trolley is small and loads can be lifted to the place as near as possible to the wall of the workplace. The traveling range of trolley can exceed crane span trough side jib.0S5Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Main parameters of European ceiling mounted crane0S5Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

  • Product Type : NLX
  • Lifting capacity of ceiling mounted crane: 1~20 ton
  • Span length ceiling mounted crane: ≥ 6m
  • Working class ceiling mounted crane: A5
  • Ambient temperature:-25~40℃0S5Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Why we choose Dongqi Cranes to serve you:

  • Dongqi’s 5 Year (10,000 Hour) Warranty on manually operated ceiling mounted crane systems guarantee years of quality and dependable service.
  • Quick Ship Programs
  • Dongqi offers a 5-Day Quick Ship program. Most cranes and most components can ship in 5 working days. 2 and 3 day shipments offered. 99% on time shipping rate.
  • Multiple Shipping Points
  • Manufacturing facilities in New York, Alabama, and China offers multiple convenient shipping points, decreasing shipping costs to you.
  • Ease of Installation
  • Time and again, Dongqi ceiling mounted crane systems have been reported as an overall more efficient install over other systems in the industry.

More information on overhead crane, ganatry crane, jib crane and other types of cranes, please contact us.0S5Henan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd