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Types of cranes comparison: overhead crane, gantry crane, crawler crane,mobile truck crane

04 Nov, 2016

types of cranes comparison is presented for you to find the advantages and disadvantages of the types of cranes. Which type of crane do you need, overhead crane, gantry crane, crawler crane, mobile truck crane, or tyre crane? Let compare the types of cranes in terms of concept, crane price, working application, advantages, disadvantage, and structure etc.rxYHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Overhead Crane

  • Concept of Overhead Crane :This crane is Horizontal placed in workshop, storage, on top of steel support. It used to lift object or machine.
  • Working Application of Overhead Crane :Workshop, storage, yard for unloading& loading
  • Loading capacity of Overhead Crane :Rated capacity from 1ton to 500Ton.
  • Advantage of Overhead Crane :Heavy lifting capacity, high effective.
  • Disadvantage of Overhead Crane :It need supporting structure in working area, cost is higher, working area is limited.
  • Structure of Overhead Crane :Crane is traveling on rail, rail is placed on concrete or steel beam.

Overhead crane

Types of overhead cranes rxYHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Gantry crane

  • Concept of Gantry crane:Its structure is similar as door frame, under the main beam, there are legs to support beam, and travel on rail with wheels on ground. Beam can extend cantilever beyond legs.
  • Working Application of Gantry crane:Storage, station, port and so on, outdoor yard.
  • Loading capacity of Gantry crane:Rated capacity from 1ton to 900Ton, special some long, large and cumbersome objects.
  • Advantage of Gantry crane:High space utilization, large range of operation, adaptation of wide, strong commonality, widely used in port yard
  • Structure of Gantry crane:Gantry crane have own legs and wheel, travel on rail, rail is fixed on ground.

Gantry crane

Types of gantry cranesrxYHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Crawler Crane

  • Concept of Crawler Crane :This crane is used in high-rise construction, it can travel by its crawler, its jib is very flexible when working
  • Working Application of Crawler Crane :Used in outdoor field and construction site
  • Loading capacity of Crawler Crane :15~1800Ton
  • Advantage of Crawler Crane :Contact ground sufficiently, climbing ability and with good performance, flexible and convenient operating performance is the highest, the structure is simple, cheaper prices, 25% cheaper than truck crane
  • Disadvantage of Crawler Crane :Slow speed, damage ground, working time and evacuating is long,
  • Structure of Crawler Crane :It should transport equipment, on-site installation and require larger installation space and lifting equipment installation together. Crawler bottom, it can travel with loading.

Crawler crane

Crawler crane picture from google for your referencerxYHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Mobile truck crane

  • Concept of Mobile truck crane:It is a truck who equipped a jib crane on trailer. Its jib is main lifting tool.
  • Working Application of Mobile truck crane:Large construction units or temporary liquidity dispersed site and open handling operation.
  • Loading capacity of Mobile truck crane:3~200Ton
  • Advantage of Mobile truck crane:Fast traveling speed, good performance
  • Disadvantage of Mobile truck crane:it must have leg when work, can't travel when loading, not suitable for work in soft or muddy field
  • Structure of Mobile truck crane:Truck base, two cabins one for crane operation, one for travel and slewing.

Mobile trunck crane Moible truck crane picture from Google for your referencerxYHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Tyre Crane

  • Concept of Tyre Crane: Similar as crawler crane, but its traveling mechanical is tyre instead of crawler.
  • Working Application of Tyre Crane:Relatively fixed construction site, especially for narrow construction site
  • Loading capacity of Tyre Crane: 5~80Ton
  • Advantage of Tyre Crane: Wide wheel distance, stability, short body, small radius, 360 degrees of work.
  • Disadvantage of Tyre Crane: Slow speed, damage ground, complex structure, more 15% expensive than truck crane.
  • Structure of Tyre Crane: Special base, cabin on slewing plate, controlling adopts special chassis, suspension, can be all-wheel drive and steering, off-road driving.

Which type of crane do you need, overhead crane, gantry crane, crawler crane, mobile truck crane, or tyre crane? contact us to get your ideal material handling crane now.rxYHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd