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Chain Hoist for Sale Australia: 1.5 Ton Electric Chain Hoist for Australia Customer

08 Dec, 2017

1.5 ton electric chain hoist packaged and delivered to Australia. Dongqi Group supply different tonnage electric chain hoist for Australia customer. Electric chain hoist Australia includes ordinary electric chain hoist, European electric chain hoist, low headroom electric chain hoist and explosion proof electric chain hoist.oYjHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

1.5-ton-electric-chain-hoist-australia.jpgoYjHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

1.5 Ton Electric Chain Hoist Australia Specification

  • Lifting Capacity:1.5 Ton
  • Lifting Height: 6 Meter
  • Voltage: 415V/50HZ

1.5 Ton Electric Chain Hoist Australia Packaging

1.5-ton-electric-chain-hoist-packaging.jpgoYjHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

1.5-ton-electric-chain-hoist-packaging-australia.jpgoYjHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Get Your Electric Chain Hoist

Chain Hoist for Sale Australia: 1.5 Ton electric chain hoist delivered to Australia. Dongqi offers types of electric chain hoists with wide selection and application, good quality and price. contact us to get your electric chain hoist now.oYjHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd