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Crane cable drum and crane cable reel basic: Crane cable drum selection

07 Feb, 2017

Crane drum and crane cable drum basic: How to select crane cable drum? How many types of crane cable drum are available? What are the main parameters for cable drum? Check now to get right cable reel for you crane.hjsHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Crane cable drumhjsHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Cable reel, with its small installing space, convenient maintenance, reliable operation and low cost, take place of sliding bus bar, being main solution in mobile transmission field (power, data and fluid).hjsHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Classification of cable drum

Cable reel is divided into two major categories of the dynamic and electro dynamic drive form according to driving form.hjsHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

  • According to the cable arrangement, cable reel can be divided into axial single row and the axial line.
  • According to the collecting slip ring position, there are inside slip ring and outside slip ring mounted.
  • According to the winding material, it is divided into cable drum and the hose reel.

The electro dynamic include:

Elastic (TA), heavy hammer (ZC) type, magnetic coupling type (JQC); including: type magnetic coupling type (JQD), torque motor type (KDO), hysteresis type (CZ) and frequency conversion control type (BP).hjsHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Cable Drum design parameters:

The technical difficulties is to ensure that the cable drum winding speed and equipment movement speed synchronization, At the same time to ensure that in the process of winding tension cable suffered moderate. Accordingly, when the cable drum design, we should consider the following factors:hjsHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

1) Cable specifications and types:

Cable sectional area was from 1.0 to 240mm2, the cable diameter directly influences the axial dimension of the reel and power requirements. When cable section is more than 35 mm2, should not choose the non-electric drum (counterweight can be extended to 50mm2), flat cable can only choose axial single reel. Cable should be YCW type (power cable) and CEFR type (such as control signal cable), softer and it has a certain tensile strength. The outer diameter of the cable and single weight makes to be accurate.hjsHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

2) Coiling length

The coiling length affect radial dimension of the reel and the power demand, the longer length is, the higher requirements for power.hjsHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd
Non-electric cable winding drum is difficult to accomplish long reeling trip。hjsHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd
Ground power berth also directly affect the selection of cable drum, common berth has end power and middle power supply. Neutral power supply can't choose non-electric magnetic coupling (JQC series).hjsHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Equipment movement speed:

The motor power of the electric cable reel and transmission ratio.hjsHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd
When the device speed is more than 60 meters/minute, we should choose frequency conversion control type series (BP)hjsHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Installed height:

This height affect the motor power of the electric cable reel, the higher the installation height is, the greater the demand for power. when install, must not exceed the design requirementshjsHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

The above four parameters are cable drum design basis for the selection, should be considered, should also choose structure and arrangement of cable drum, in order to satisfy the demands of actual working condition.hjsHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

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